Prizes and awards

Prizes and awards 2013

Research Prize of Lower Saxony 2013

Joanna Hirschberg, doctoral candidate at the Application Center for Plasma and Photonics of the Fraunhofer IST, was honored with the Research Prize of Lower Saxony 2013 for her extraordinary technical competence as well as her high social engagement. She is an active member of the academic self-administration of the HAWK University, where she helps to inspire students for technology and science. Furthermore she was engaged at the citizens’ initiative “Interrolli” which cares for the needs and interests of wheelchair users.

Fraunhofer prize for human-centered technology 2013

How do you modify the inside of a closed bag without opening it? The key part of the method is coating with plasma. To achieve this, ordinary bags such as those used for blood infusions are filled with a noble gas and voltage is applied.The plasma acts as a disinfectant while also transfroming the surface of the bag such so that cells want and are able to grow on it. For their work on developing plasma in bags for cell cultivation in closed systems Dr. Kristina Lachmann, Dr. Michael Thomas, Dr. Henk Garritsen, Dr. Werner Lindenmaier and Dr. Kurt E. J. Dittmar have been awarded with the Fraunhofer prize for human-centered technology.


SVC Mentor Award 2013

For his huge contribution to the understanding and of the implementing of reactive sputter processes in an industrial standard Dr. Bernd Szyszka, professor for thin film components at the TU Berlin and former head of department for large area coatings at the Fraunhofer IST, was honored with the “Mentor Award”. The prize is annually awarded at the Conference of Society and Vaccum Coaters SVC for special research activity and contribution

EFB Project Prize for Young Scientists 2013

For the successful processing of the research project “Improvement in efficiency in tool and mold making throughout mechanical surface grading” Kai Weigel, scientist at the Fraunhofer IST, was awarded with the “EFB Project Prize 2013”. During the project the team of Fraunhofer and TU Darmstadt scientists were able to show that mechanically smoothed and coated tool surfaces, for example of molding tools, were at least as wear resistant as polished references.

Ferchau Innovation Prize 2013 – 2nd place

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Viöl, executive director of the Application Center for Plasma and Photonics of the Fraunhofer IST and his team were honored with the second place of the Ferchau Innovation Prize 2013. The important industry prize was guided by the topic: “Accompany the climate change – with technology for air, water, nutrition and energy.” Prof. Dr. Viöl and his team suceeded in making plasma technology accessible for dermatological therapies and developed application free products for the therapy of skin diseases in partnership with the CINOGY GmbH. In the process the health-promoting anti-microbial and pH-modulating effects of physical plasma are used to treat diseases like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. So far no microorganisms with a resistance to plasma treatments are known.