Plasma diffusion treatment

The surfaces of many components and tools are subject to extreme strain. Diffusion treatment with carbon, nitrogen and boron can significantly reduce signs of wear through surface hardening. The treatment is often applied in gases, a salt bath or powder. Plasma diffusion as a treatment in plasma is however increasingly asserting itself. 

Benefits of plasma diffusion

For plasma diffusion treatment, the treatment gases are activated in the plasma of a glow discharge which makes controlled hardening of the surface possible.

  • Targeted selection of layer properties
  • Optimum contour accuracy, meaning optimum treatment even of components with complicated geometries
  • Precision cleaning and hardening in one process
  • Fast market introduction of plasma-nitrided products thanks to existing extensive experience with application in mass production


  • The application possibilities of plasma diffusion treatment, an innovative and economical technology, are far from exhausted today.
  • Since the process is straightforward and reliable, it is not only suitable for large-scale industry but in particular also for small and midsize enterprises.
  • Plasma diffusion in the low-temperature range can also be used for hardening stainless steel.
  • The method can be combined with a coating technique (duplex process).

Applications for plasma diffusion treatment

  • Plasma nitriding of austenitic steel with consistently high corrosion resistance
  • Duplex treatment of die casting moulds
  • Nitriding, nitrocarburising and carbonising of titanium materials to increase wear resistance
  • Plasma borating of steel, stellites and titanium
  • Nitriding of hard chrome
  • Nitriding of steel without a compound layer to increase fatigue resistance
  • Even plasma nitriding of gear wheels
  • Plasma nitriding of aluminium alloys

Industrial plasma diffusion treatment – what we offer

Process development:

  • Customer-specific optimization of plasma diffusion treatment and process adaptation
  • Further development of plasma diffusion treatment for new applications and materials in close cooperation with our customers
  • Development of duplex coating processes

Technology transfer:

  • Passing on know-how to the customer
  • Putting the plasma diffusion system into operation at the customer site
  • Employee training and instruction