Diamond tools

Diamond as the hardest material of all is an ideal cutting material for a wide variety of machining tasks. We develop CVD diamond tools for you, combining ultimate wear resistance with high precision and a large variety of geometries.

Tools with a defined blade

Among other things, we develop intermediate layers as cobalt diffusion barriers for milling, turning and drilling tools made of hard metal. These barriers eliminate the need for an etching pre-treatment and enable the coating of high-cobalt hard metals. We are researching intermediate layers that can be precipitated in-situ, that is in the same coating process as the diamond film. Other research topics in this field are:

  • Diamond coating of ceramic milling tools (DiaCer®)
  • Micro-design of cutting edges and cutting faces (DiaTex®, compeDIA®)
  • Additional surface layers for improved anti-adhesion (DiaTex® Plus)

Grinding tools

Fraunhofer IST is developing the compeDIA® abrasive layer as an innovative solution for precision grinding tasks. The finest grain sizes down to the micrometer range enable ductile grinding, the best surface quality and minimal edge zone defects. Grinding ratios up to G = 30,000 and ultimate durability are achieved with the one hundred percent diamond content. Resharpening by re-coating is possible. Micro mounted points with the smallest possible diameters down to 50 μm can be produced.

More information

Micro abrasive pencils

Forming tools

As an alternative to wire drawing dies with massive diamond inserts, we develop DiaCer® ceramic drawing dies with an interior CVD diamond coating. Diamond drawing dies with complex cross-section profiles and large interior diameters from 1 mm to more than 50 mm can be produced.

The benefits

  • Ultimate durability
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Good anti-adhesion effect
  • Complex tool geometries
  • Interior coating
  • Small tool diameters down to 50 μm
  • Large tool dimensions up to 1000 mm
  • Configurable surface roughness
  • Great flexibility for demanding applications