Diamond-coated machine components

CVD diamond films are developed for components in mechanical engineering in order to improve the tribological behaviour and configure specific surface characteristics – also in combination. Machine components with entirely new functions can be realized based on the unrivalled characteristics of CVD diamond films:

  • Diamond films combine maximum wear resistance with minimal friction coefficients, even with inadequate lubrication or in case of dry running.
  • The abrasion resistance of diamond is unrivalled and it is resistant against many chemical substances and radicals, even at high temperatures.
  • Due to thermal conductivity that is not equalled by any other material, diamond provides the best possible protection against thermal overloading under extreme local stresses (mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic).
  • The electrical conductivity of CVD diamond films can be specifically configured across many magnitudes (from an insulator to conductivities similar to metal).

Application examples for CVD diamond components

Diamond-coated ceramic slide ring seals are the most successful application example for diamond-coated components to date. Based on the process technology and systems engineering developed at Fraunhofer IST, a breakthrough innovation was achieved jointly with industry partners and the Fraunhofer institutes IKTS, IPK and IWM in the field of sealing technology. It is able to meet entirely new customer requirements and realize the most challenging application cases with previously unheard-of durability. Further information on diamond-coated slide ring seals is found at www.diamondfaces.com. Process security in the production of uniform diamond films with defined roughness was crucial for the success of this work. The existing technology is also suitable for the coating of

  • face seals
  • slide ring seals for linear and rotational movements (axial and radial bearings),
  • sealing and guide elements, and
  • components subject to extreme tribological, abrasive or corrosive stresses.

Silicon-based ceramics (SiC and Si3N4) and WC-Co hard metals are preferred substrate materials for CVD diamond coating.

The benefits

  • Maximum wear resistance, for example in contact with abrasive substances
  • Low friction coefficients, even in case of inadequate lubrication and dry running
  • Resistance against most chemical substances
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Customisable electric conductivity, for instance to prevent electrical corrosion