Diamond electrodes for electrochemical applications

A new material for electrochemical applications

By coating technical substrates with conductive diamond films, Fraunhofer IST developed a new electrode material with outstanding characteristics: the diamond electrode. It is produced and distributed by CONDIAS GmbH, a Fraunhofer IST spin-off, as the DiaChem® electrode.


Diamond electrodes are highly chemically stable and exhibit the largest electrochemical window for the electrolysis of water. Oxidants such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide and even hydroxyl radicals can be formed efficiently on diamond electrodes. Their oxidising power is used in highly efficient electrochemical processes for the treatment of water without additional chemicals. Diamond electrodes are also used for the most modern, highly efficient electrochemical synthesis.


As a member of the Fraunhofer SysWasser alliance, Fraunhofer IST is involved in the development of sustainable water supply, water infrastructure and waste water treatment system solutions. Electrochemical systems with diamond electrodes are used for example for:

  • Treatment of ballast water in ships
  • Disinfection of highly pure process water
  • Chemical-free treatment of water in food production
  • Elimination of trace hazardous substances in surface and ground water
  • Elimination of substances in production water that are difficult to break down,
    for example in process water recycling or for safe discharge
  • Efficient synthesis of persulphate, for example

The benefits

  • Maximum current yield for the generation of OH radicals in water using the highest overvoltages (cathodic -1.2 V vs SHE and anodic +2.6 V vs SHE)
  • High electrochemical stability, suitable for higher current densities up to several A/cm2
  • Extreme chemical resistance (no corrosion in aggressive
    media, such as HF)
  • Oxidation and synthesis processes with straightforward electrical
    control without the addition of chemicals


More info

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