New deputy director for Fraunhofer IST

Press Release / 23.9.2016

On September 23, 2016, Fraunhofer IST said farewell to its long-time deputy director, Professor Wolfgang Diehl, in the course of a celebratory symposium. It focused primarily on the institute’s international further development in the preceding years, steadily driven by Diehl. The numerous guests recognized his outstanding performance in this field in technical presentations and the subsequent greetings.

© Photo Fraunhofer IST, Falko Oldenburg

The former and future institute managment of the Fraunhofer IST: Prof. Wolfgang Diehl, Prof. Dr. Günter Bräuer und Dr. Lothar Schäfer (f.l.t.r.).

Wolfgang Diehl, previously Director of ANTEC Angewandte Neue Technologien GmbH and ANTEC Oberflächentechnik GmbH in the Taunus, came to Fraunhofer IST in 2003. "I found many things were different when I came to Braunschweig," says Diehl recalling his beginnings. "Everything was a bit smaller and more modest. It took some time for me get used to my new role." He succeeded in this quickly however and started living up to his later reputation as "foreign minister of the IST". "Korea, USA, Sheffield, South Africa, India – in short: once around the world and back," is how the director of the institute Professor Günter Bräuer describes his deputy’s career. "Diehl’s commitment to establishing and maintaining international contacts was an important element of his work. He played a crucial part in defining the institute’s profile in these years." Professor Diehl is now returning to his home in southern Hesse where he intends to enjoy his retirement to the fullest.

Dr. Lothar Schäfer will assume the position of deputy director going forward. Schäfer has extensive expertise in the thin film segment. He was a member of the Philipps Research Laboratory Workgroup in Hamburg, which gave birth to Fraunhofer IST under the management of Professor Dimigen in 1990. Diamond and hot wire CVD technology were the focal points of his scientific activities. He headed the diamond technology department until 2015 and, following the restructuring of the institute, the chemical vapor deposition department. In the course of his activities at the institute, he made a major contribution to the founding of CONDIAS GmbH in 2001. He remains a member of its advisory board to this day. Schäfer has a vision for his new field of responsibility. "Strategy is particularly important to me," the future deputy director explains. "The further development of the business areas is one of my leading goals. I am very much looking forward to the new job."