BMWK-funded project “3D PrintBatt” is launched with the aim of increasing energy and resource efficiency during the production process of solid-state sodium-ion batteries

More secure, more economical, more ecological: 3D-printed sodium-ion batteries

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Green batteries produced by 3D printers? While this may sound futuristic at first glance, it is nevertheless the objective of the project “Nachhaltige, flexible additive Fertigungstechnologien für Natrium-Ionen-Festkörperbatterien” (Sustainable, flexible additive-manufacturing technologies for solid-state sodium-ion batteries - 3D PrintBatt for short), in which the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST is involved. The company Blackstone Technology GmbH, which is managing the project, plans to launch 3D-printed solid-state sodium-ion batteries on the market as early as the beginning of 2025.

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