Systems with cold plasmas

Cold atmospheric pressure plasmas make many new applications possible in surface technology. The Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST designs and manufactures plasma modules and individual systems. 

The plasma technology used is based on the physical principle of energy supply in gases, which results in a so-called ionization: the ‘gaseous’ physical state is transformed into the higher-energy ‘plasma state’. Due to the non-thermal character of dielectric barrier discharge (30 – 50 °C) and to components for plasma generation being customizable, a wide range of different substrates can be treated efficiently and gently.

Surface substrates and bulk materials

Depending on the field of application, substrate surfaces of any materials can be modified by plasma treatment with dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) at atmospheric pressure. Organic, inorganic, biological and thermo-sensitive materials are suitable.

Bulk materials

  • Wood shavings
  • Wood chips
  • Seeds
  • Plastic pellets, and so on

Profiled material

  • Glass-fiber-reinforced plastic GFRP
  • Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic CFRP
  • Plastic, wood, metal and various glass profiles

Flat elements

  • Veneers, wood materials
  • Glass, metal and plastic sheets

Metal foils, fibers and fiber composites such as rovings, fabrics, scrims and paper and also plastic films can be plasma-treated at specific process speeds in the roll-to-roll-process. Goods you propose for treatment can be examined as part of feasibility studies.