Modular Optical Coating Control Application – MOCCA+®

In the precipitation of optical interference filter systems, the realized thickness of the individual layers is crucial to the success or failure of production. That is why Fraunhofer IST has developed a monitoring system that supports the combination of multiple measurement systems in order to achieve the best possible result. A transmission monitor is used here as a rule for precision optical coatings. Our Modular Optical Coating Control Application (MOCCA) can handle precisely this task for you. In addition to layer thickness control, the system can also be used in order to automate the entire coating process.

MOCCA offers the following benefits:

  • Higher precision
  • In-situ error compensation and redesign
  • Avoidance and/or reduction of test runs
  • Less waste and better performance
  • Process automation

Thanks to the modular and flexible programming of the software, the implementation can be adapted to customer-specific requirements quickly. Recording specific customer needs for further development of the system is welcome.