Enhanced Optical Sputtering System – EOSS®

With the new EOSS® sputtering system, Fraunhofer IST has a highly modern system for the production of precise optical interference filter systems. This is a rotary plate system that can hold up to 10 substrates with a diameter of 200 mm. It is designed for layer systems with tens to a few hundred layers, and constitutes a coating system that is typical for industry. The layers are applied to the substrate through magnetron sputtering in up to three chambers. Cylindrical tubes are used as source materials, exhibiting a much more stable distribution function in contrast to their planar counterparts. The entire system is designed as a “sputter up” concept for the further prevention of particle contamination. In this case the coating process takes place from the bottom to the top so that heavier particles are not able to condensate on the substrates. An additional plasma treatment station and a powerful heating system complete the setup.

Technical data

  • 10 substrate carriers with a usable diameter of 200 mm and a usable thickness of 50 mm
  • Sputter output up to 20 kW per metre and target
  • Precipitation rates up to 1 nm/s
  • Spectral transmission monitoring of 250 – 1650 nm
  • Process automation with MOCCA
  • RF plasma source
  • Substrate heating up to 300 °C substrate temperature
  • Full loading of the system from atmospheric pressure up to 1x10-6 mbar airlock pressure, including locking in less than 20 minutes
  • Base pressure approx. 1x10-7 mbar, can be reached within 24 hours
  • Unproblematic production of material mixtures is possible
  • All materials typically used in precision optics are available: Ta, Nb, Ti, Al, Si

What we offer

Fraunhofer IST supports its customers with its own coating systems, a broad range of analytical services and many years of experience in solving current problems, meeting new challenges or the prototyping of optical filter systems – from the selection of suitable substrates to their cleaning, coating, characterization and the transfer of the finished filter.


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