Systems and components

Fraunhofer IST participates in the development of many different systems and components. The spectrum ranges from prototype development to economical production scenarios and scaling to industrial dimension all the way to the transfer to the customer and implementation. An itemisation of the most recent developments at Fraunhofer IST in this field follows.



With the Enhanced Optical Sputtering System – EOSS®, Fraunhofer IST has a highly modern system available for the production of precise optical interference filter systems.



With the Dynamic Sputter Coating Universal System (Dyscus), Fraunhofer IST has a highly flexible coating system that allows virtually all process-related parameters to be varied.  



With the Modular Coating Control Application (MOCCA) monitoring system developed at Fraunhofer IST, the entire manufacturing process for optical interference filter systems can be monitored and automated.



With the Megatron® coating module developed at Fraunhofer IST, the sputtering rate during the coating process can be increased significantly.  


Hollow cathodes

Fraunhofer IST has various hollow cathode sources available, for example gas flow sputtering sources for the precipitation of erosion protection and hard magnetic films among others.    



At the Fraunhofer IST an innovative plasma source concept has been developed which permits laminar and contoured as well as depth processing, even of temperature-sensitive substrates.


Systems with cold plasmas

Different plasma modules and individual systems, developed at the Fraunhofer IST, make many new applications possible by using cold atmospheric pressure plasmas.