Sensorized thin films

What we offer

Thin film sensors offer a variety of possibilities for the integration of sensor functions such as force, pressure, elongation and temperature measurement in existing components. Smart tools with extended functions enable highly accurate measurements of stresses in a wide variety of industrial application fields.

The sensor layers produced using various low-pressure coating methods are applied directly to the customer’s component. Combinations with thin film resistors exhibiting a linear resistance-temperature gradient make parallel temperature measurement possible, if applicable also with temperature compensation of the measuring signal. The structuring of the sensor layer follows using laser or lithographic processes. Insulating and protective layers guarantee the electrical insulation of the sensor film and also protect against corrosion and wear.

Our service offering

  • Conception and design of microsystems and sensor systems on customer components
  • Prototyping
  • Conducting accelerated lifespan tests
  • Test phase support at the customer site
  • Transfer to industrial production