Determination of photocatalytic activity – degradation of methylene blue

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Determination of photocatalytic air purification – degradation of nitrogen oxide

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Determination of photocatalytic self-cleaning – dirt test

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Photocatalytic coatings – preparation of the coating plant

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The Fraunhofer IST is one of the world's leading suppliers of specific photocatalytic measurement technology. In the area of thin film development, the institute is also involved in the production of vacuum-deposited coatings with antimicrobial, air, water and self-cleaning properties.

Our offer

Our range of services aimes at developers, producers, suppliers and end users and covers the following areas:

  • Independent and neutral evaluation of the effectiveness of photocatalytic products
  • Quality assurance and control according to national and international standards
  • Development of customer-oriented test equipment and measurement technology
  • Standardization of test procedures and technical equipment
  • Vacuum-based particle-free coating on glass, plastic and metal surfaces

Furthermore, we offer our customers comprehensive consulting and training in the field of photocatalytic measurement technology as well as the transfer of technology for specific measuring and testing equipment into your company.


Processes and technologies

We offer research and development for thin film and material development from just photocatalytic to multi-functional complex coating systems based on different vacuum and atmospheric pressure plasma processes.

The high process diversity allows an optimal adjustment to substrate geometries and materials and guarantees a fast and targeted development for customer-specific requirements.


The Fraunhofer IST is active in the DIN standards committee Photocatalysis (NA 062-02-93-AA) and in the European standards committee CEN/TC 386 Photocatalysis. Furthermore, the Fraunhofer IST advises the German Association of Applied Photocatalysis in the context of its scientific research committee.