Friction reduction and wear protection

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Favorable friction behavior and excellent wear resistance are surface properties that become more and more important in improving performance and the development of new products in nearly all areas of mechanical engineering. Simultaneously optimizing friction, wear and other properties of multifunctional coatings is a challenging task that can be solved at the Fraunhofer IST using plasma-assisted thin film technologies.

Experienced project teams offer complete solutions from one source, from configuration of the surface topography and diffusion treatment via film development, product adaptation and pilot coatings up to transfer to the production. Furthermore the Fraunhofer IST provides an innovative simulation software by which components and processes can be designed optimally. In addition the development of application-specific thin film sensors allows the production of intelligent surfaces for a continuous monitoring of processes and of tool and component loads in use.

Aside from the technical implementation we offer a wide range of services, consulting and training of product managers, engineers, and specialists from the industry in our workshops, seminars, and short courses.

Advantages of surface conditioning

  • Friction and wear reduction
  • Increase of lifetime and durability
  • Reduction of maintenance and idle times
  • Increase of load capacity
  • Energy savings
  • Reduction of necessary engine power
  • Avoidance of deposits, adhesion of material build up
  • Minimal lubricant use
  • Optimization and monitoring of processes and components by integrated thin film sensors
  • Extension of the range of materials, e.g. using light metals
  • Improvement of product properties and quality
  • Reduction of production rejects

Film systems

Processes and technologies