Environmentally friendly surface cleaning

Effective surface cleaning assumes a key role in coating technology and surface engineering because the standards for surface quality are high, even before the coating process. Fraunhofer IST has developed a powerful yet environmentally friendly water-based cleaning technology.

Environmentally friendly: water-based cleaning

Not only are water-based cleaners superior to widespread carbon-based cleaners in regards to their cleaning effect in case of contamination with salts and chips, they also permit modification of the material surface. Water-based cleaners cover a broad range of cleaning applications from primary to ultra-fine cleaning. What’s more, water-based systems are less harmful to the environment, largely biodegradable and therefore result in lower disposal costs.

Our service offering: industrial component cleaning

Process development

  • Development of customer-specific cleaning processes including drying and corrosion protection
  • Selection and testing of chemical cleaning systems tailored to the material

Plant design

  • Conceptual design of individual water-based cleaning systems
  • Integration of cleaning in existing production processes, such as coating

Quality assurance

  • Control of the bath quality and cleaning results
  • Preparation of substance and energy balances

Technology transfer / consulting

  • Transfer of the cleaning technology to your operation
  • Employee training and instruction


Further information

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