Film applicator with integrated plasma module

An example for the successful integration of a plasma unit in an existing device is a plasma module being used in a film applicator. Such a film applicator makes it possible to apply coatings with an even, defined film thickness to a wide variety of surfaces. The special solution with the integrated plasma module makes it possible to optimize substrate surfaces with established treatment parameters and to produce colour or adhesive layers in the same process step. This is achieved through application using a doctor blade. The use of the prototype is comprehensive. The following are supported:

  • Completing complex parameter studies quickly.
  • Efficiently verifying the plasma treatment effects.
  • Easily changing the parameters.

The variable parameters include among other things the plasma treatment intensity and the setting height of the plasma head as well as various plasma process gases. Possible substrates are plates and sheets made for example of metal, plastic or glass. A suction surface is used for fixation and optional heating of the support plate enables defined drying of the film layers.