Instruments and devices

In addition to large plants and components, Fraunhofer IST also develops instruments as well as small series and hand-held units. An itemisation of the most recent developments at Fraunhofer IST in this field follows.



To reliably determining the electrical properties of manufactured foils and battery electrodes the Application Center of the Fraunhofer IST developed a novel measurement system. 


Nitrogen oxide depletion

The Fraunhofer IST offers a complete turnkey solution for the standardised measurement of NO depletion under consideration of the customer’s special requirements.


Calotte grinder

The Fraunhofer IST has succeeded in designing a more effective test process through a structural modification of the calotte grider. Up to three calotte grindings can be produced simultaneously during a test procedure for the first time.


Film applicator prototype

At the Fraunhofer IST a film applicator was developed which makes it possible to apply coatings with an even, defined film thickness to a wide variety of surfaces.