With the profile method, a surface is sampled with a fine diamond tip along a line, recording a height profile. Numerous surface morphology parameters can be determined from the height profile, such as roughness, waviness, the height histogram, skewness and slope of the height distribution, mean local surface pitch, contact ratios and so on.

Profilometers at Fraunhofer IST



Dektak XT (Bruker)

Talysurf (Taylor Hobson)

Vertical resolution

0.5 nm


Lateral resolution

~ 0.2 and 1.25 µm

0.25 µm

Vertical measuring range

1 mm


Tip radius

2 and 12,5µm


Load pressure

1 – 15 mg


Measurement length

55 mm   (+3D scan)

1 – 120 mm   (+3D scan)


Talysurf zur Charakterisierung von Rauheit und Topographie auch großer Bauteile und komplexer Geometrien.
© Fraunhofer IST

The roughness and topography of large components and complex geometries can be characterized with the Talysurf.

Profilometric film thickness determination

Profilometric film thickness determination
© Fraunhofer IST

Film thicknesses can be determined very quickly, easily and precisely through the preparation of a step and the application of the profiler.