Structure-preserving hard coatings

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Path to dry forming of aluminum alloys

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Thin-film systems for temperature measurement in die-cast aluminum

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Ultra-high-performance sensor-controlled moment connections

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Heating conductors for local temperature control of micro-sized plastic injection molds

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Anti-adhesive coatings with high contour fidelity for plastic molding

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Mechanical engineering, tools and automotive technology

The “Mechanical engineering, tools and automotive technology“ business unit is primarily concerned with developing coating systems for friction reduction and also for wear and corrosion protection and optimizing these for particular applications. This covers the entire process, from pretreatment, coating and process development –including analysis and simulation – to application. Pretreatment includes not only cleaning but in particular also adjusting surface topographies by abrasive blasting or plasma processes as well as a diffusion treatment, if necessary. Examples of applications in the components field are:

  • DLC and hard coatings for motor and drive components
  • Surfaces for batteries and fuel cells in mobile applications
  • Non-stick and antifouling coatings
  • Surface optimization and corrosion protection of hybrid components
  • Metallization and functionalization of plastics
  • Highly corrosion-resistant carbon coating systems for sealing applications

Another important activity is the design of coating processes by simulating real 3D components.


In the mechanical engineering and tools field these areas of application stand in the foreground:

  • Coatings for pressure die-casting molds
  • Tool coatings for plastic molding (pultrusion, injection molding)
  • Plasma diffusion treatment (including thermodynamical simulation) and coating of forging and press-hardening tools

In addition, sensorized surfaces are developed for and successfully used in the most varied safety-related areas of application, such as:

  • Sensorized washers for continuous force monitoring
  • Pressure and temperature thin film sensor systems for highly stressed tools
  • Thin-film strain gauges
  • Magnetic functional layers

In addition to coating service providers our customers primarily include companies in the automotive sector, toolmakers, tool users and also coating users in all fields of mechanical engineering.


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