Contributions of the Business Unit Life Science and Ecology


LabBag® – Laboratory in the Bag

In a joint project coordinated by the Fraunhofer IST a closed surface-based cultivation system has been developed.


Plasma jet

the Fraunhofer IST deposited layers with suitable chemical groups via atmospheric pressure PECVD by a plasma jet during the 3D printing process.


Atomic layer deposition in fluid systems

Fraunhofer IST works on homogeneously precipitate compact layers in complex fluidic systems even at low temperatures by atomic layer deposition at atmospheric pressure.


Tuberculosis test

The Fraunhofer IST is now developing Ta tuberculosis test in collaboration with a partner from industry, LIONEX GmbH in Braunschweig.


Reducing the migration of pvc plasticizers

At Fraunhofer IST processes are developed, which reduce or completely prevent the migration of plasticizers from the polymer, by coating or cross-linking the PVC.


New plasma jets for cleaning silver

Pen-like jet systems developed at the Fraunhofer IST allowing for the treatment of temperature-sensitive and fragile cultural objects.


Structured plasma treatment

The performance of plasma printing in combination with the gravure printing of nano inks is to be investigated at the Fraunhofer IST.


Diamond electrodes

One alternative in the sanitization of ultrapure water systems is the cold sanitization process optimized at the Fraunhofer IST which uses boron-doped diamond films.


Embossing and coating at atmospheric pressure

A new combination process for plastic sheeting is under development at the Fraunhofer IST which stops the surface being wetted with solutions containing protein.


Cell cultivation

To be able to multiply, the cells themselves need a suitable surface to adhere to. To create this even in closed systems, the Fraunhofer IST is developing coatings using atmospheric-pressure plasma processes.


Coating structures

One particularly efficient method of depositing functional structured coatings are atmospheric-pressure plasma processes, such as are being developed at the Fraunhofer IST. 


Nitrogen oxide depletion

Especially in the field of photocatalytic measuring technology, the Fraunhofer IST has recently started offering complete turnkey solutions to its customers.