San Diego, CA; USA  /  23.4.2018  -  27.4.2018

International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF)

24. April 2018; 8.20 - 8.40 Uhr. In seinem  Vortrag zum Thema »Deposition of DLC coatings by HIPIMS to Arc Mixed Mode« stellt Holger Gerdes, langjähriger Mitarbeiter des Fraunhofer IST, eine alternative Herstellungsmethode von DLC-Schichten vor – die kombinierte HIPIMS-Arc-Abscheidung: 


»Deposition of DLC coatings by HIPIMS to Arc Mixed Mode«

H. Gerdes, R. Bandorf, J. Rösler, G. Bräuer

The deposition of hard carbon or diamond-like carbon (DLC) films is still of high interest, especially in combination with high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HIPMS). In automotive applications, the use of hydrogen-free, so-called ta-C coatings is well established. The ta-C are mainly deposited by arc processes, suffering increased roughness due to high energetic macro-particles. Introducing a HIPIMS to Arc mixed mode by M. Lattemann et al. opened the scene for combining the high density sputtering of smooth coatings with the high energy processing by arc. In 2015 Ganesan et al. reported on the deposition of ta-C films with high sp3-content from a 3 inch target.

This presentation will show an approach for upscaling a HIPIMS-Arc mixed mode to an industrial sized cathode (0.5 m). The process parameters and basic aspects on how to design a pulse for transitioning into an arc will be discussed. The investigations by optical emission spectroscopy (OES) showed clearly an indication on generating carbon-ions. The Vickers hardness of prepared films were measured and showed first results with a hardness of up to 3500 HV.