Perugia, Italien  /  4.6.2018  -  8.6.2018

14th International Ceramics Congress

Während der 14. International Conference on Modern Materials and Technologies CIMTEC im italienischen Perugia findet vom 4. - 8. Juni 2018 der 14. International Ceramics Congress und vom 10. - 14. Juni 2018 das 8. Forum on New Materials statt.

Im Rahmen des International Ceramics Congress' stellt Holger Gerdes, langjähriger Mitarbeiter der Gruppe »Hochionisierte Plasmen und PECVD« des Fraunhofer IST, verschiedene hochionisierte Abscheideverfahren für die Herstellung von Hartstoffschichten vor. In seinem Beitrag werden mechanische und tribologische Schichteigenschaften wie Härte, Reibungskoefizient und Verschleiß diskutiert.


Freitag, 8. Juni 2018

»Highly Ionized Deposition of Hard Coatings«

Holger Gerdes, Ralf Bandorf, Kai Ortner, Michael Vergöhl, Günter Bräuer

Deposition of thin films with ions open up great advantages. The particle flux from the material source to deposited substrate can be influenced by electric and magnetic fields. Therefore, stray coating can be reduced and complex shaped surfaces can be coated depending on the pressure within the process. Within this contribution, different ways of generating highly ionized plasmas are covered. The most prominent is High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS), with the seminal paper resulting in huge academic interest in 1999. Today HIPIMS is one of the industrial used coating technologies with increasing market share and relevance. Further technologies utilizing the high ionization are microwave and hollow cathode processes. In this presentation, these different deposition techniques are presented and results with respect to hard coatings are discussed. Both, plasma and film properties will be discussed. The ionization was monitored using optical emission spectroscopy. For the films, mechanical and tribological properties (hardness, coefficient of friction, wear) are presented.