Pilsen, Tschechien  /  4.12.2017  -  6.12.2017

16. International Conference on Reactive Sputter Deposition (RSD)

6. Dezember 2017; 14.45 - 15.15 Uhr. In seinem eingeladenen Vortrag zum Thema »Reative HIPIMS and process control on industrial coatings systems« gibt Holger Gerdes, langjähriger Mitarbeiter des Fraunhofer IST, einen Überblick über verschiedene Ansätze zur reaktiven Prozesskontrolle in Kombination mit dem HIPIMS-Sputterprozess: 


»Reactive HIPIMS and process control on industrial scale coating systems«

H. Gerdes, J. Rieke, R. Bandorf, M. Vergöhl, G. Bräuer

Reactive sputtering is a well-established technology for industrial sputtering. The process stabilization is carried out by varying the average power or the reactive gas flow. As input parameters the partial pressure of the reactive gas, the target voltage or the plasma emission is commonly used.

For reactive HIPIMS challenges regarding process control arise. For instance, the change of discharge voltage is strongly depending on the capacity of the used HIPIMS power supply. Even the plasma emission is lower in HIPIMS discharges (time-averaged) since the duty cycle is normally in the lower percentage range.

This talk will give an overview of different approaches for a reactive process control in combination with HIPIMS. The discussed feedback systems are based on plasma emission monitors either with optical filters for single emission lines or with a spectrometer. The controllers are regulating the oxygen flow by piezo-valves or mass flow controllers or by changing the off-time and therefore the average power. Furthermore, a possibility for controlling the ion to neutral ratio will be presented.

The different approaches will be presented for Alumina, Zirconia, and Titania on different sputtering plants equipped with planar magnetrons or even rotatables. The results include the voltage and current characteristics as well as the deposition rates and selected film properties.