Das Fraunhofer IST verfügt über langjährige Erfahrungen mit EU-Projekten der unterschiedlichsten Art. Innerhalb unserer Kernkompetenzen in den Bereichen der Schichtherstellung, Schichtanwendung, Schichtcharakterisierung und Oberflächenanalyse nutzen wir unsere europaweiten Vernetzungen, um auch für unsere internationalen Partner optimale Bedingungen für Kooperationsprojekte zu schaffen. Wir sind stets auf der Suche nach neuen und interessanten Fragestellungen und länderübergreifenden Projekten. Wenn Sie Näheres über die Forschungsprojekte des Fraunhofer IST erfahren möchten oder gemeinsame Projekte mit uns initiieren wollen, dann sprechen Sie uns gerne an.

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Virtual Coater for Industrial Applications

Laufzeit: 1.9.2017 - 31.8.2019

For optimizing the layer quality in the industrial application, it is essential to be able to predict film homogeneity and composition as well as intrinsic film properties as a function of process parameters. To achieve this, a simulation framework is needed, which covers nine orders of magnitude between the typical dimensions of the coating plants and the atomic film structure. Consequently, a multi-scale approach is necessary in order to perform a full simulation of common coating processes including both, transport and plasma as well as the atomistic film growth mechanisms. The long term goal of VICIA is to establish the virtual coater as development tool in deposition technology for an increasing number of process configurations and material combinations.


Self-Sustaining Cleaning Technology for Safe Water Supply and Management in Rural African Areas

Laufzeit: 1.6.2016 - 30.11.2019

The SafeWaterAfrica project will research and develop an autonomous and decentralized water treatment system for rural and peri-urban areas which is highly efficient in the degradation of harmful pollutants and at the same time very effective in killing microbiological contaminants. Besides, SafeWaterAfrica will generate the technological basis for innovative business models related to the development of water treatment products, which are produced, installed, operated and maintained in Africa.


Functionally graded Additive Manufacturing scaffolds by hybrid manufacturing

Laufzeit: 1.12.2015 – 30.11.2019

Scaffolds production for tissue regeneration is one of the main fields where the “Design for Function” feature of Additive Manufacturing (AM) make the difference relative to the other production techniques if in the production process all the needed “Functions” can be introduced: mechanics, geometry (porosity and shape), biomaterial, bio-active molecules and surface chemical groups. The FAST project aims to integrate all these “Functions” in the single AM process. This integration will be obtained by the hybridisation of the 3D polymer printing with melt compounding of nanocomposites with bio-functionalized fillers directly in the printing head and atmospheric plasma technologies during the printing process itself. Final objective of the project is to realize a demonstrator of the proposed hybrid AM technology in order to achieve a small pilot production of scaffolds for bone regeneration with the novel smart features to be tested in some in-vivo trials.

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